70th Anniversary Grants

Click on the image to submit your application by July 31.

To celebrate 70 years of ministry, the Foundation will grant seven $10,000 grants to small-to-mid-sized nonprofit organizations beyond the local church. In the month of June 2019, we invited UM churches and UM individuals within the Northern Illinois Conference to recommend one organization in each of the following seven categories:

  • Arts
  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Health
  • Homelessness, Crisis, Poverty
  • Seniors & Elderly
  • Social Justice

More than 200 United Methodists in Northern Illinois recommended 135 organizations!

To be eligible to apply, your organization will have received a letter and email invitation from the Foundation.

To submit your application by July 31 click here …

… or on the Special Grants! image above.

Grant recipients will be notified by the end of September and invited as special guests to the 70th Anniversary Banquet Celebration on Sunday, October 13, in Downers Grove.


Q & A:

  • Question: Can my church receive one of these grants? Answer: No. Local churches in the NIC can apply for an annual Creative Ministries grant here.
  • Question: Does our organization have to be affiliated with the United Methodist Church or any other religious group? Answer: No.
  • Question: What constitutes a “small-to-mid-sized nonprofit organization?” Answer: Approximately a $10,000,000 annual budget or less.
  • Question: Can we submit our application information via email, letter, or fax? Answer: No. Applications must use the the online form.
  • Question: When will we hear if we received the grant or not? Answer: Recipients will be contacted before the end of September; the Foundation will make every effort to notify applicants who did not receive the grant, as well, by the end of September.
  • Question: Who should we contact if we have questions? Answer: Please do not call the Foundation office; please email grants@umfnic.org with your question.
  • Question: What are the terms and conditions of receiving the grant? Answer: you will agree on behalf of your organization that should your organization receive the grant:
      • The grant will be applied to charitable programs that serve people in Northern Illinois (appx. north of I-80)
      • Your organization will send at least one representative to the Foundation’s 70th anniversary celebration on Sunday, October 13, in Downers Grove
      • Your organization will identify the “United Methodist Foundation of the Northern Illinois Conference, Inc.” (including the UMFNIC’s logo, where appropriate) as a/the funding source of the program(s) in your organization’s promotional materials for the program(s) identified in Section 4, “Grant Purpose”
      • Your organization permits the use of the organization’s name, logo, and program name(s) in any Foundation communications celebrating the grant and program(s)
      • Submit a brief written summary of the program(s) funded by the grant by December 31, 2020 (or earlier), to grants@umfnic.org
      • After submitting the form, I will email a PDF of the IRS DETERMINATION LETTER for my organization to grants@umfnic.org and will include the UNIQUE ID and ORGANIZATION NAME in the SUBJECT of the email
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