Local Church Administration

The United Methodist Church provides vast resources of valuable information, guidance, and support for local United Methodist churches. This page links to many of these resources to help you and your local church organize and administer your local church to its fullest potential.

The “Connectional Resources” page on the Northern Illinois Conference website is a great place to start looking for what you need. Visit this page for other “Forms, Grants, and Resources.”

“The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) coordinates and administers financial resources, safeguards the legal interests and rights of the Church, and provides administrative resources to enable the fulfillment of the mission of The United Methodist Church.”

GCFA Legal Manual
“This Manual is a byproduct of GCFA’s responsibility to protect the legal interests of the denomination. Its purpose is to provide basic information about legal issues common to organizations throughout The United Methodist Church. It is not intended to be a substitute for experienced legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Each situation is different and local laws will vary, so always consult a local attorney or other professional advisor.”

GCFA Tax Packet
“This Tax Packet contains general information on tax issues of interest to United Methodist clergy, local churches, annual conferences, and others. While we have made every effort to ensure the information in this Tax Packet is current and accurate, it is not intended to serve as legal advice. Readers should seek assistance from a tax professional for questions regarding their specific circumstances.”

GCFA Resources & Financial Forms
This page on GCFA’s website provides many links to other forms and valuable resources.

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