Investment Overview

Your local church can benefit from a carefully developed and professionally managed investment program. Follow the links below to download or view information about investment opportunities through the Foundation:

Download the Investment Overview PDF

To view the Investment Overview online, click on the links below:

About the United Methodist Foundation
– Multiply your church’s resources in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Value Comparison to Secular Advisors
– Entrust your church’s investments with the utmost care.

Sustainable and Socially Responsible
– Align your church’s investments with ethical standards.

Investment Partner & Services Provider
– Benefit your church with institutional-class solutions and care.

Quantitative Impact Portfolio Methods
– Putting the best of the markets to work for your church.

Prudent Investment Management
– Simplify your church’s investments through three funds.

Overview of Moderate Fund
– Invest with a balanced mix of 60% stocks & 40% fixed income.

Forms: visit the “Resources” page for forms relevant to account holders.

Fund Performance: visit the “Investment Performance Reports” page for information on the Foundation’s funds at the pooled fund level.

Model Allocation Calculator: download Excel file here

Read the Foundation’s January 2018 announcement about ESG / impact investing.

The Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement guides our Investment Program, giving direction to the Investment Committee of our Board of Directors.  The Investment Committee meets at least quarterly with our Investment Consultant, Envestnet | PMC.

Detailed information about investment management by the Foundation is available on request.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a time to meet with you.

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