UMF president Chris Walters and investment consultant Jim Lumberg hosted a video presentation and Q&A with about two dozen local church clients. This video contains the core content of that video conference. Please feel free to share this video with whomever you feel will benefit.

Segment Time Segment Content
0:00 – 01:42 Introduction
1:42 – 10:26 Responding Mindfully to the Reactive Brain
10:26 – 22:12 Focusing on the Long-Term
22:12 – 25:44 Overview of Foundation Portfolios
Questions & Answers
26:10 – 26:55 How accessible is the money we have invested?
26:55 – 27:56 How frequently can we reallocate funds within an account or transfer funds to another account? Are there any fees to do this?
27:56 – 28:49 Will earnings / spending policy distributions still be distributed?
28:49 – 31:13 What has been Envestnet’s investment strategy during this period of market volatility?
31:13 – 32:53 How is the Foundation taking advantage of lower stock prices?
32:53 – 34:18 Where will we be at the end of the year?
34:18 – 39:27 What do you think about the chatter of depression?