Value Comparison to Secular Advisors

Entrust your church’s investments with the utmost care.


Abiding by Fiduciary Standards to Care for the Church’s Best Interests

Many professionals provide financial services: brokers, accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, and financial planners, many of whom work for networks with well-known brand names. However, it can be confusing to understand who you’re really working with and what are the true costs and business obligations of such a professional. The Foundation abides by fiduciary standards to care for your church’s best interests. There are no hidden costs, such as buy/sell commissions, “load” fees, or fees to open and close an account. The Foundation’s all inclusive annualized fee structure is about 1%. Considering the differences, such as Sustainable Investing, we’re confident the Foundation’s investment services provide your church superior value in aligning your investments with your values and mission.

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