Dear Ministry Partners and Constituents,

Our local communities and communities around the world are facing uncertainty and anxiety in response to COVID-19. Understandably, we are concerned for our health, the well-being of our families and communities, and, of course, our financial resources.

History has demonstrated that “staying the course” is the prudent way forward in the wake of market volatility. The past several decades have shown that periods of volatility are to be expected and that downturns, while occasionally abrupt and dramatic, are temporary.

View the April 1, 2020, “Weathering the Storms of Market Volatility” video conference here, and you can download the presentation here.

Please click on the materials below to download and share with your church / organization to help them frame market volatility for long-term success.

Focus on the Long-Term
Diversify to Weather the Storms
Market Volatility in Perspective
Focus on Expert and Trusted Sources

These materials demonstrate the importance of remaining committed to a long-term investing approach based on proven principles in contrast to adverse and ad hoc decision-making by the “reflexive brain.”

You are welcome to share these materials with others who may also benefit from these time-tested principles for long-term investors. The Foundation’s Investment Committee and its advisors have experienced and navigated volatile markets in the past: October 1987, the market of 2001, and the Great Recession of 2008, among others. We are drawing upon their experiences to provide confident leadership in the current market environment.

Click here to read our full letter that accompanies these materials.

The Texas Methodist Foundation has created a website ( linking local churches to resources for being the church in this virtual age.

May you and your loved ones be blessed with peace, calm, and the reassurance of God’s grace.

Rev. Chris Walters, President
Carolyn Cook, Executive Assistant
George Gill, Chair
David Foster, Vice Chair
Sach Diwan, Treasurer
Marta Rodriguez, Investment Committee Chair
Jim Lumberg, Investment Advisor